Who? Max Ernst.

What? Erm, untitled?  This is just (just!) a single page from Ernst’s collage-tastic, surreal novel Une Semaine de Bonte (or, for us monolinguists, A Week of Kindness).

Where? Available at all good bookshops…

Well, let’s be honest, some good bookshops.  If you’re really lucky.  Also available here on Amazon at a reduced price for now, but do try to patronise your local independent bookshop if at all possible (sorry, was that a bit preachy?).  They will find it published in an evergreen, ever-reliable Dover paperback (ISBN978-0486232522) and they will make your life happy when they do.

When? Erm, 9-6 weekdays, late night openings on Thursdays, or 24\7 if you prefer to shop online?

(Or, every hour of the day once you succumb and buy a copy…)

Why? Now, finally, here’s a question I may know how to answer.  Because the images are stunning, their impact having not diminished one jot in 80 years, both visually arresting and unexpectedly affecting.  More importantly though, because when you next have guests round you can simply fling this at them, turn the first page and leave them to it.  Gone forever are the days of endless entertaining of unwelcome visitors!  Also functions as an all-purpose gift that, for relative, lover or despised boss, will confuse the hell out of the recipient as they try to read numerous messages about your feelings towards them in the bizarre offerings on every page…